Have you ever thought about the definition of social responsibility? When we search for the meanings of ‘Social’ and ‘Responsibility’ in the dictionary; we see that social is ‘communal, related with society’and responsibility is ‘accepting the consequences by the actions and decisions’. So we can consider the social responsibility as a foundation acting on the benefit of society in an ethical way by supporting the activities related to health, sport, education and art. As Bukalemun, we directed the social responsibility projects by Tesco Kipa with our ideas and designs for 5 years. With these projects, we became a part of the activities created for the awareness in society and environment.

One of the projects we were carrying out with full of our energy and motivation, ‘Kipa Okullara Destek (Shop For School, in abroad)’ went on by changing the name into ‘Okulum İçin’ during the period of 4 years. More than 1000 school participated in the project and the amount of money raised to donate during 2010-2011 increased more than 93 thousand TL. The project succeeded and was shown as a model in Turkey. At the same time, with our designs we brought to life to ‘Toplum Elçileri’ and ‘Kipa Aile Kulüpleri’ projects by Kipa. We also supported the ‘İyi Yaşam Projesi’ by Kipa and TEGV aiming to reach 160 thousand children from all around the Turkey, so that children gained skills by personal awareness, healthy diet and physical activities. We brought off the Kızılay and Kipa’s common projects ‘Kızılay Van Depremi Bağışı’, ‘Kızılay Giyim Bağış Kutusu’ and ‘Kızılay Kan Bağış Otobüsü’.


As Bukalemun Görsel, we really enjoy working for a better society and a better environment through the social responsibility projects reflecting the corporate identities of the businesses and brands we work with. By internalizing the good management principles and with using our potential in creativity, we put our focus on the main dynamics of running after goodness, empathizing and feeling most importantly.